“17 Humble Requiems for the Future”: Maria Papageorgiou sings Thanos Mikroutsikos – Chania 11th July 

Maria Papageorgiou’s moving musical journey with songs of Thanos Mikroutsikos, a concert loved and applauded in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras, comes to Chania to the Eastern Moat Theatre!

WHEN: 11th July 21.30
WHERE: Eastern Moat Theatre, Chania

Presale: €20
At the box office on the day of the concert: 23 euros / Reduced 20 euros
Online presale : ticket services.gr
Boheme (Halidon 26)
Carte Postale, restaurant, (Tombs of Venizelos)

The great performer presents 17 “Humble Requiems for the Future” from the discography of Thanos Mikroutsikos, a leading composer of popular, classical and contemporary music in Greece, believing that these songs concern her generation and all those that follow.

Among these songs are : “Happy song to Sylvia Plath”, “Gammagraphy”, “The most beautiful sea”, “Kuro Siwo”, “Rosa Luxemburg”, and many others.

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Maria Papageorgiou mentions about Thanos Mikroutsikos and the way he approached his work: “Every time I have the honor and the responsibility to approach the work of great creators through my own eyes and reading, a basic question first arises in me : what I have to bring out, impart and strengthen through each such reading. What dynamism and what tenderness will flow through my veins and mind, what meanings must be echoed in my voice and which of them must I shout as a slogan or whisper like a running stream in the ear.


Thanos Mikroutsikos is one of the leading composers of popular, classical and contemporary music in Greece. He was born at Patras in 1947. STUDIES Thanos Mikroutsikos started his music studies early in his childhood. After finishing his studies in theory and piano at Patras’ Philharmonic Society and at the Hellenic Conservatory, he continued with composition studies with professor-composer G.A.Papaioannou. Meanwhile, he had moved to the capital where he graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Athens. At the age of 21, he started his composing career that includes operas, chamber music, symphonic music, music for the theater, electronic music, songs, etc. ARTISTIC ACTIVITIES In the 27 years of his career in music, Thanos Mikroutsikos has recorded 30 LPs and CDs and composed about 500 songs. He has also composed 33 works of classical music and music for 4 movies, cooperating with leading record companies such as SONY, CBS, LYRA, ENM, MINOS-EMI, etc. Furthermore, he has cooperated with various Greek and foreign directors composing music for 47 theatrical plays that were presented all over the world. During his long career he has participated in dozens of International Music Festivals and has given hundreds of concerts in Greece and all over the world. A great number of leading orchestras and chamber groups from all over the world has performed his works. Thanos Mikroutsikos is a member of the Greek Music Association and the Greek Composers’ Federation. He is also the founder of the Patras’ International Festival and its artistic director from 1986 to 1990. From 1990 to 1993 he had been the artistic director of the “Mousiko Analogio” (Music-Stand) at the Athens Concert Hall. POLITICAL ACTIVITIES Apart from his artistic activities, Thanos Mikroutsikos has been involved in Greece’s political life since the 60’s. During the turbulent years of the military dictatorship (1967-1974), he was persecuted by the junta regime for his anti-dictatorial activities and ideas. When the junta collapsed he continued being actively involved in politics, especially in the first years after the restoration of democracy. After the elections of October 1993 he was appointed by the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) which formed the new government, as Alternate-Minister of Culture with late Melina Mercouri as Minister. On March 16, 1994, after the death of Melina Mercouri, he was appointed Minister of Culture. He remained at this position until January of 1996. WORK AT THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE The administrational policy line of Thanos Mikroutsikos at the Ministry of Culture was based on the following keystones: The realization of the National Cultural Network of the Cities (NCNC), a project inaugurated in November 1993. The NCNC’s objective : to create institutions on an international level  and provide for the necessary infrastructure in the Greek periphery. NCNC is the biggest project ever developed for the periphery’s cultural upgrading. 

Press Release  


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