Things to do in Kissamos

Kissamosnews.com is a place to find information on events and things to do in Kissamos, Crete and surrounding area, as well as local news.

There are many traditional festivals, music and cultural events and more for all the residents and tourists who flock to West Crete in the summer, to visit the famous beaches of Balos, Elafonissi and Falasarna and to explore this side of Crete and its outstanding beauty.

The website is an effort by some residents to collect all the information available about things to do in the area, to promote Kissamos, and offer this information in English for tourists and for people who don’t speak the Greek language. We recognize that it is important to speak the local language when living in a country, and those of us who don’t yet speak Greek are making an effort to learn this beautiful language. It’s also good to be realistic, and making the information available in English means that it can reach a wider audience, especially in the summer. By getting a taste of the local traditions such as the festivals posted here, we hope to make visitors closer to the very welcoming spirit of Crete and its people!

We are also very open to suggestions, information about things that we might have missed, to new contributors and to all feedback in general, so if you have something to say just write us!

To get in touch, email us at:

info [at] kissamosnews [dot] com

A good resource for events in Kissamos in Greek:



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