IRRIGATION NEWS for Kolymbari and Gramvousa area

Anyone who has olives to irrigate or a garden to water  will already be aware that there is currently a shortage of agricultural water, which has occurred earlier than usual this year, no doubt as a result of the little snow on Levka Ori during the winter.

On Monday 8th July 2024 the irrigation program is starting in the  network of the Municipal Community of Gramvousa.The settlement of Kaliviani will be irrigated every Monday-Wednesday-Friday & Sunday.The settlements of Metohi and Trachilos will be irrigated every Tuesday-Thursday & Saturday.

Source: Municipality of Kissamos

Water availability plan for Kolymbari area
In recent times information about when water was available seemed mostly to be conveyed by word of mouth to those in the know.
This is hardly a satisfactory state of affairs, especially for foreigners who may be imperfectly connected to villages’ underground communication networks, and so it is encouraging to know that a water availability plan has now been published by the Tavronitis branch of the ΤΟΕΒ or Local Land Improvement Organisation for Kolymbari-Agia. The full text of the announcement, published on 3rd July in the Haniotika Nea, is as follows:

T.O.E.B. Kolymbari-Agia                                                                Tavronitis 27/06/2024
Branch: Tavronitis
Tel: 28240 22559


The T.O.E.B. for Agia-Kolymbari, because of the reduced quantities of water in comparison with previous years,


to its consumers that, throughout the low zone (beachside zone) they will be able to irrigate from every Saturday morning until midday Sunday. Also every Tuesday morning until midday Thursday.

We ask farmers who want to irrigate in the high areas from Kondomari to Spilia to try every Monday and Friday throughout the day.


Whether agricultural water is actually available during these times will no doubt depend on the amount being used by other consumers.

Source: Kolymbari Courier, Haniotika Nea
Photo credit: Haniotika Nea


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