Getting to know edible wild greens and more – Vamos 5th March

CRETE HINTERLAND invites you to explore the rural hinterland with them and to enjoy the gifts of Cretan nature!

Meeting point: High School, Vamos
WHEN: Sunday, 5th March at 11.00


1.Hiking through the woods where you get to know the predominant trees (cypresses, carob trees (locust bean), platane trees, common oak, and Kermes oak (Quercus coccifera) 
2. Foraging for wild edible greens (‘horta’), naming each type.
The ‘horta’ walk is guided by local women.
3. Cooking
At the Monastery of Saint George (Agios Georgios) in Karydi, 2km east of the village Vamos, lent dishes will be prepared
with the collected wild greens, based on recipes of the Monastery.

For participation please call 6936995104
Source: Crete Hinterland


I'm Austrian living in Tavronitis, love nature, music, good books, sunsets, the sea, travelling, socializing and more. I came to Crete as a student in the early 70s, exploring the west and southwest of the island with friends by motorbike. When you are young everything is important and, there are lots of things to do...I did. Job, family,children, travelling the world. But I never lost my love for Crete for a minute. And seven years ago I ended up in this convenient corner of Crete, not only for holidays, but to stay and haven't regretted it for a minute.

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  • David Symes

    Almost the same story as me. Came to Crete in 1976 and spent two years living on the beach in Paleohora. Wonderful times. Been coming back to Crete for the last 45 years every year and now have a small house in the lovely peaceful village of Spili.

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