Volunteer Bins on Kissamos Beaches

As part of the ongoing effort to make Kissamos beaches a better place and to keep them clean, the Kissamos Beach Cleaning team has started a new initiative.

On Friday morning, after some preparation work, we placed 6 bins in hot spots along the beaches of Kissamos. The bins are provided by the Municipality of Kissamos. They also provided bin bags to use inside the bins. The Kissamos Beach Cleaning team will look after and empty the bins regularly.

During our weekly gatherings to do beach cleanings around Kissamos, a few issues came to light straightaway. Many of the beaches, especially those that are not leased to private tourist businesses, look a little left to themselves. We considered that we could do a couple of things to improve the situation, easily and cheaply: place information signs and provide some bins for the rubbish. When talking to the local authorities, they seemed to support the idea, so we went ahead with it. They supplied the materials, and we volunteered to offer some labour.

That’s how we got to paint and place 12 information signs around Kissamos beaches.

And that’s also how we got to place the 6 brand new rubbish bins around Kissamos beaches. We chose areas where we believed they would be most needed, between Viglia and Mythimna. We asked for volunteers to check and empty the bins weekly, and we had quite an enthusiastic response!

We consider this action a small but significant help to the community where we live. It’s a positive, structural change that we hope will have a deep impact.

Naturally, we’re always open to other contributions! For other ideas or to join us, send us an email: kissamosbeach [at]


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.