Balos Clean-up: a success!

The Kissamos beach cleaning team, with a lot of supporting friends, went to Balos to do a clean-up of the beach on Sunday.

More than 35 people gathered to clean this famous beach that is a symbol for Kissamos area and for the whole island of Crete.

The cleaning team was a very diverse group, with origins from many European countries: Greek, German, Austrian, Dutch, Danish, Swiss, British and Italian. A mix of all ages, from 3 to 73, mostly residents of the area, and all with one common purpose: acting for the good of the place where we live, and that we love, together.

The cleaning action was supported by Kissamos Municipality and Cretan Daily Cruises, who provided some volunteers as well as logistical help, free transportation and material support such as cleaning supplies.

We split the big group into smaller teams and tried to cover as much of the beach and of the lagoon as possible. We mostly collected huge amounts of tar that’s all over the beach, and lots of plastic. You can see the big piles of rubbish in the pictures! All the team worked very hard, and most members were so focused that there wasn’t even the time for a swim. I call that dedication!

A big thank you to all participants and supporters. We did something good yesterday, and very importantly it was a big demonstration that many people care and take action.

We plan more cleaning actions on the beaches around Kissamos for the near future. Till next time!


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.

One thought on “Balos Clean-up: a success!

  • Hello friends and cleaners! So happy to read aboyr the success of cleaning, so sad that I could not join, as I am in Budspest at the moment!
    Hope to see all of you again at other cleaning events this year around Kissamos.

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