Creative beach cleaning

Kayak loaded with rubbish
Mmh, will it float?

Sometimes you need a little creativity to get around small obstacles and get things done.

Ursula and Andreas had done a great job of picking up various bags of rubbish over the winter on one of their favourite hunts, the beach between Nopigia and Ravdoucha.

However, the bags were very bulky and hard to carry along the path that leads from Nopigia to the beach.

Kayak to the rescue! On Tuesday, under the auspices of a surreal stillness, we took Manu’s double kayak to the beach, and hey presto, the rubbish was all loaded, strapped, paddled back and properly deposited in the bins in Nopigia!

In case you wonder, stability was never a problem, that kayak can load up to 230kg!

Getting on the rubbish kayak
Only one way to find out!


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  • well done guys! the beach will give your love back to you!

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