We did it! Kissamos is now very clean!

Let's do it Mythimna
Getting ready for the beach cleaning

On Sunday 17th many groups of cleaners took part in the ‘Let’s do it Kissamos’ campaign and cleaned the beaches and public spaces around Kissamos.

A good group of us had a nice afternoon cleaning the long beach in Mythimna-Drapanias.

There wasn’t so much rubbish to pick up, no hard storms or winds recently. Still, we did cover a very long stretch of beach (about 1.3 km long), which is now the cleanest it’s ever been, and we cleaned the dunes as well as the shore. We also had a great turn up, with about 25 people present at the cleaning.

We finished in style, with tsikoudia and food (thanks to Eleni and everyone else who brought fodder for the cleaners) and even a swim!

Thanks to all who came, and follow this space for more beach cleaning activities.

Beach Cleaning in Mythimna
Well deserved food and drinks at the end for the cleaners.


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