International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women and Children: events /activities Municipality Platanias (Voukoulies, Maleme), 25th – 30th November

The Municipality of Platanias and the Municipal Committee for Equality are organizing a series of awareness-raising and awakening events around the issue of the abuse of women, on the occasion of the World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25..
The prevention and fight against violence against women is the goal of 16 days of actions of the Region of Crete, the Regional Committee for Gender Equality of Crete (PEPIS) and the Independent Equality Office.
Entry for the public is free.

Programme of events:

25/11/2022, 18:00: VOUKOULIES at the event hall ( Πολυκέντρο, behind the High School)

On the occasion of the closing of Kostas Spanakis’ exhibition “Blue Ladies”, selected works of his, symbols of reference to the oldest European culture that honored women, come to speak to us and strengthen the values ​​of equality and respect between the two sexes, through the eyes and voice of Kostas Spanakis, the curator of the exhibition and art historian Mrs. Alexandra Kouroutakis and the lawyer-Political Scientist, Mrs. Rozas Motakis Kontadakis

27/11/2022, 18:00: theatrical performance and other activities, event hall Voukoulies ( see above)


-Mayor of Platanias Mr. Yannis Malandrakis

– President of the Equality Committee (DEPIS) of the Municipality of Platanias, Mr. Aspasias Lupakis


– Theatrical action “Break the Silence”, by the theatre group “Salt Tierra”

Through three small theatrical acts the forms of violence that a woman can suffer, verbal, psychological, physical, are presented to the public.


-Speech by Police Officer A, Eleni Viglaki “Prison Violence – Free Your Soul!”, with the support of the General Regional Police Directorate of Crete.

– Reading an anonymous letter from an abuse victim to outline victims. It can be any, independent of economic, social or educational level.


-“Break the Shackles”, interactive activity with an actress, like a marionette she moves where the threads of the “abuser” take her.

– Creating a poster with messages and drawings from the audience, capturing the feelings and thoughts from their current experience.

Before the start of the above actions, the Polikentro building will be illuminated in orange, a color symbol for the elimination of violence against women.

Animation: coordination: Dimitra Pentaraki

30/11/2022, 18:00: Theatrical performance in Maleme at the Cultural Centre of Platanias Municipality

The Region of Crete-PEPIS of Crete presents, with the support of the Municipality of Platanias, the Theatrical Analogy, “Women who became one with the Earth“, in a theatrical adaptation of texts and interpretation by Marinella Vlahakis, arrangement of folk songs by Leonidas Maridakis and singing by Leonidas Maridakis and Danai Botik, produced by the Cultural Society of Crete.

The above events are suitable for people over 15 years of age.

For all events and activities in Crete during the 16 Days of Action against Violence against Women between 25th November and 10th December (International Human Rights Day) click here.

Source: Municipality Platanias


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