New lifelong education lessons – Kissamos

The municipality of Kissamos is organising a new round of free adult education lessons, which this year will be conducted online.
Lessons are generally held in Greek.

The subjects available are:
1. Greek alphabetic system (25h)
2. English (for the workplace) (25h)
3. Languages for tourism purposes: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian (25h)
4. Basic Albanian (50h)
5. Website creation (50h)
6. History of art (25h)
7. Web site promotion and management of tourism services (25h)
8. Grants / financial tools for agricultural activities (10h)
9. Understanding the tax system and preparing the tax declaration (10h)

To apply for the courses you can fill in the following form: and return it to
The application form is also available in English.
More information:

For help with applying or any further information you can contact
Maria Koufaki (2822340239) or Chrisi Pefkianaki (2822031989 & 2822083105), both of whom speak English.