Extraordinary Bulletin: Dangerous Weather Phenomena – Special warning to farmers and vulnerable groups in the Municipality of Platanias

The Municipality of Platanias, according to  documents no. 189 / 20-1-2022  of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and no. 2-2022 / Extraordinary Bulletin of Dangerous Weather Phenomena of EMY / EMK that is valid from Saturday 22 January 2022, issued the following warning:

Increasingly dangerous weather phenomena with the name “ELPIS”  will prevail in the Municipality of Platanias in the next few days. The first weather system will affect us on Saturday (22/1/2022) and the second one, which will be more powerful, from Monday (24/1/2022).

The main characteristics  will be the very low temperatures, heavy snowfall and northerly winds of 8 to 9 Beaufort in the east.

From Saturday 22/01/2022 a gradual drop in temperature is expected.
On Monday 24/1/2022 the snowfall will intensify and will be locally dense.

The Municipality of Platanias calls on all citizens, especially vulnerable populations and breeders to protect their animals, to take the severe weather phenomena seriously,  as the bad weather conditions may create extreme problems.

The Municipality of Platanias advises all citizens, due to the low temperatures and adverse weather conditions, to be especially careful.

Unnecessary driving should be avoided as long as these severe weather conditions prevail.

The Municipality of Platanias is on standby in order to face the extreme weather phenomena.

Sources: Municipality of Platanias
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