Lantern Workshop, Kera, daily until 5th August

As part of the Rokka Festival, there will be an lantern workshop in Kera, led by the artist Georgina Drakouli Solo.

The theme is Revolution, commemorating the bicentennial of the 1821 revolution in Greece.

The workshop is free and interactive. During the workshop the participants will be introduced to the art of making lanterns, using bright colors and natural materials. The trainees will create lightboxes that will depict battles and heroes of the Revolution of 1821, filling the villages of Rokka and Kera with revolution!

The finished lanterns will be exhibited at the Kera Mia Skini theater action as well as at the Closing Ceremony, in a large stage installation.  At the end of the Festival, the participants can keep the constructions they created.

When & Where:
Daily 10am – 1pm at the church community centre in Kera village. All ages and abilities welcome.