Water Safety in Kissamos – advice & warning

The beaches of Kissamos are generally safe and enjoyable for swimmers of all ages. But some weather conditions, such as those we are experiencing now, can make conditions treacherous. Strong winds, especially North winds blowing continuously over some days – as we have had over the last week – can whip up strong waves and cause currents.

Every year, there are unfortunately, some deaths on our beaches. Just in the last week there have been 2 drownings in the Kissamos area, and other rescues have been carried out.

Please be aware that conditions in the sea can be dangerous, and especially for the next week or so, the weather forecast is still very windy.

Listen to lifeguards advice and pay attention to red flags flying on the beach, meaning swimming is unsafe.

Lifeguards are not on duty 24 hours, so also assess the conditions yourself before entering the water.
If in doubt, stay out.

Swim with a buddy, or if not possible have someone on shore looking out for you.

Learn what drowning looks like (trigger warning, video contains footage of simulated drowing scenario), and make sure your spotter knows what to look for.
* Drowning is quick, and quiet. Someone who is actively drowning will NOT be able to call or wave for help.*
They may simply look like they are bobbing or resting in the water, but their mouth and nose will be dipping in and out of the water. An adult can drown in under a minute, children even faster.

If you swim even semi-regularly, consider buying a tow-float. They are inexpensive, inflatable buoys that attach via a strap to your waist. They increase your visibility to boats and other watercraft, so are extremely useful in areas where there is marine traffic, and although it’s not their stated purpose, they can be used to rest on or as a flotation aid in an emergency.

Take care, and stay safe out there