VAT to be paid on all non-EU parcels from 1st July

Currently, parcels arriving into Greece from non-EU countries, with value over €22 are already subject to customs and VAT controls. From 1st July 2021, also low value parcels will be subject to additional VAT payments, the Independent Authority for Public Revenues announced on Tuesday. This measure will come into force on July 1st 2021.

This will affect all parcels originating from outside the EU, regardless of the time the order was placed

All imports of parcels worth up to 22 euros, ordered electronically and currently exempted from VAT, are subject to tax from 1 July.

Therefore, consumers are charged the applicable VAT rate for Greece (24% / 13% / 6%), depending on the type of ordered goods.

The imposition of VAT on small packages is related to the time of their entry into the European Union and is independent of the time of the online order or the start of shipping by the seller.

Therefore, individual importers or postal companies, which import from 1.7.2021 small packages in Greece, regardless of the amount, must comply with the prescribed customs procedure and pay – depending on the type of goods – the applicable VAT.