Tightening of COVID measures – announcement 3rd March 2021

The Minister of Health V. Kikilias and the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection & Crisis Management N. Hardalia announced various changes – tightening of the measures currently in place to control the spread of Coronavirus.

The changes apply from Thursday 4th March at 6am until Tuesday 16th March.

The full announcement can be read (in Greek) here: https://www.civilprotection.gr/el/simantika-themata/anakoinoseis-apo-ton-ypoyrgo-ygeias-v-kikilia-kai-ton-yfypoyrgo-politikis

The main points are:

Changes to movement SMS

For SMS 2, which concerns movement to obtain essential supplies from operating stores, and also applying to SMS 3 (movement to banks), these movements must now be with a distance of 2km from your residence, or within your municipality (dimos) if your nearest bank/supermarket is further than 2km.

For SMS 6, which addresses physical exercise outdoors or movement with a pet, these activities are now limited to movement on foot or by bicycle only. To clarify, no one across the country will be able to send code 6 and use their car or motorcycle in order to go to another area to play sports or take their pet for a walk.

Furthermore, in the case of travel for assistance (SMS code 4), additional clarifications during the check may be requested, in order to confirm the correct use of the SMS.

Regions of Greece are now classified as “red” or “deep red”.

The Attica Region is classified in the level of very high risk, “deep red”, as well as the following Regional Units: Achaia, Arcadia, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Lefkada (except Meganisi), Fthiotida, Argolida, Corinth, Thesprotia, Arta, Boeotia, Chios, Etoloakarnania, Rhodes, Heraklion and Evia (except Skyros). Also, the Municipality of Kalymnos is classified at this level.

All other areas across the country are classified as high-risk, “red”.

The measures are valid from tomorrow at 6 in the morning until Tuesday, March 16 at 6 in the morning.

Curfew times are as follows

Red areas: 9pm to 5am

Deep red areas: 7pm to 5am. (In Athens and Thessaloniki, although deep red, the curfew is later: 9pm to 5am)

Suspension of operation and use of organized sports facilities in deep red areas.

Closure of high schools all over Greece – high school students will return to distance learning.

Summary of measures that will apply to the Chania region from Thursday 4th March, 06:00:

• Traffic ban from 21.00 in the evening until 05.00 in the morning
• Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary schools and special education schools at all levels are OPEN
• High schools operate with distance learning only
• In places of worship, up to 9 people are allowed
• Retail operation is available with delivery using Click Away
• Clothing stores, footwear and hairdressing salons, nursing shops and bookstores require pre-booked appointments.


A reminder that you can check which measures are applicable to your region at any time, through the interactive map on https://covid19.gov.gr/