New flights to Chania for 2021

With all the recent (and ongoing) changes to travel worldwide we thought our readers would appreciate knowing about new direct flight routes into Chania, whether that is for returning home by the shortest route or in case the Greek government chooses to reduce restrictions for the summer season.

Wizz air recently announced that it will start offering flights from Oslo to Chania, from 14th May.

Aegean airlines have announced that they will start direct flights from London to Chania from May.

Other airlines that are offering direct international flights to Chania in 2021 include:

Olympic Airlines offer direct flights (from Munich & Frankfurt) to Chania

Norwegian offers direct flights from Bergen, Copenhagen, Oslo & Helsinki from March, and Stockholm from April

SAS offer flights from Stockholm, Oslo & Copenhagen

Ryanair currently shows direct flights to Chania from Paphos, Bucharest, Sofia, Italy (Naples, Milan, Venice), Marseille, Germany (Memmingen, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf), Vienna, Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Vilnius, Brussels, Dublin & the UK (Manchester, East Midlands, Birmingham & London)

Easyjet have direct flights to Chania from France (Nice, Lyon), Milan, Berlin & London

Finnair flies direct from Chania to Helsinki from May to October.

If we’ve missed any other direct flights to Chania that you know of please let us know!

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