Primary school in Kissamos affected by COVID – update

Update: 9th February

All tests negative: the children from the affected class (G2) as well as all the teachers at the 2nd Primary school of Kissamos were today given rapid tests for COVID. All the test results were negative.

6th February:
A teacher at the 2nd primary school of Kissamos has tested positive for COVID, as a result some classes are being asked to stay home and further testing will be carried out.

The announcement from the school follows:

Dear parents, we inform you that a teacher of our school tested positive for Covid 19. According to the protocols of EODY (the ministry for health), the teacher remains at home and their class is suspended until 15-2-2021. All students in the affected class will also stay at home.
From the first moment, the school acted in accordance with the applicable protocols and duly informed all the involved services (Chania Primary School, Municipality of Kissamos, Department of Public Health and Social Welfare, Chania Regional Unit). Disinfection of the school will take place on Sunday 7/2/2021.
COVID tests will be performed on the students of the (G2) class of the school on Tuesday 9-2-2021 at 10.00, as decided by the competent health services, as well as on all the teachers of the school. The tests will be taken with the presence of the students’ parents and with the parent’s written consent.  Our school will implement a distance education program for the students of the G2 class whose operation has been suspended.
If any student is recommended to stay at home by the family doctor then please provide the school with the relevant medical certificate. Please observe your children for possible symptoms (fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, loss of taste or smell, etc.) and inform both your pediatrician and the school.

We all need calmness, knowledge and faithful application of the rules recommended by the scientific community. Stay safe, and contact the school for any further information. Thank you for your cooperation.