Announcement of the Municipality Platanias – free rapid test in the region Vlacheronitissa

The Community Centre of the Municipality of Platanias in collaboration with the Mobile Health Units of Chania of EODY, informs the residents of the Municipality of Platanias that they can apply electronically to undergo a free rapid test in the region Vlacheronitissa  at the doctor’s office.

The application is to be submitted on the electronic platform where you enter your personal data (name, mobile phone number, age, postal code and status).

Immediately, after entering the Greek mobile phone number (in a new, small window), and clicking Αποστολη κωδικου επαληθεωσης (Send verification code), the applicant receives a text message with a verification code which he then enters in the application.

After the submission of the application and if the applicant is selected, he receives a text message with a unique code, information about the doctor’s office where he will be tested, the date and time of the scheduled appointment.

For support concerning the electronic application and / or for submitting the application, the residents of the Municipality of Platanias can contact the Community Centre (KEP) at 2821341040 and  2821341033.

Go the website

Scroll down to Ξεκινήστε εδώ (Start here) and click.

Then the site with the form opens where you enter your details:

Citizen application (Αίτηση για πολίτη)

Thank you for visiting Please fill in your details below.

CAUTION: If you have symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, etc. please contact your doctor or the nearest hospital. This platform is NOT for citizens with symptoms.

Name *

Mobile phone *

Age *

Postcodes *

Status *

Below then click Υποβολη  Submit.


Source: Municipality Platanias 5th February


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