Rock Under The Clock Festival, Chania

The Rock Under The Clock Festival reopens its doors and is ready to welcome you on August 13 & 14 at the East Trench Theater for an anniversary two-day event, celebrating its 5 years of presence in the city’s music events.

The Rock Under The Clock Festival gives the opportunity to local bands to play on the same stage with renowned artists nationwide, but also internationally, while through the established music workshop at the theater “Vlissidi” all musicians come in contact with each other and exchange views, ideas and small musical secrets. On the other hand, the visitors, during the days of the festival, will have the opportunity to listen to the unique musical creations of the music groups and to admire the passion, the passion and the quality of the modern rock scene.

This year’s event, of course, faced all the difficulties that objectively arose due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. However, the dedication and love of the public, the charitable orientation and the need to promote remarkable local rock music groups in the context of a “professionally” organized event were the factors that encouraged us to continue. So This year, in this special and unprecedented situation for the concert data, we can proudly present 8 bands (2 guests and 6 locals) in two magical rock nights. At the same time, the revenue that will will be available to support one of the city’s structures with intense social work.

☄️ Line up:
Day 1: The Big Nose Attack, The Dragons, Hide n seek – Hidden Sick, PlanetNone
Day 2: Puta Volcano, Meridian Blank, Epi K. Paradox, Northwaves

☄️ Doors: 19:00

☄️ Tickets:
5 € – per day
7 € – two days (Available only on presale)
6 € – two days for the disabled / unemployed / large families (Available only on presale)

Pre-sale points:
Τα δύο Λουξ – Sarpidonos 8, Chania
BarFly – Potie 14, Chania
Center for Mediterranean Architecture – KAM – Akti Enoseos, Georgiou Katehaki Square, Chania
Aeriko – Sourmelis 18, Chania
Do it Chania – Koraka 19, Chania

Attention: the pre-sale will last until August 12! Reduced price tickets do not include student tickets.

Covid-19: The required protection measures for Covid-19 will be strictly observed. It is mandatory to use a protective mask to attend and leave the East Trench Theater.

☄️ Web: https://rockundertheclock.gr/

☄️ Co-organization: Municipality of Chania – Municipality of Chania – KAM

☄️ Sponsors: MOBIAK, ANEK LINES Official Fan Page, Blue Star Ferries, BarFly

Communication sponsors: Fm Network 91.5 – diktyo fm, All About Festivals, RockGreece, D-Code 96.2, All in Chania Events, MAX 100.2 XANIA