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Chania Film Festival – CFF Cine Club “We stay at home” – 3rd April until 1st May

The Chania Film Festival is trying to keep in touch with their friends despite the current difficult circumstances and invites you to enjoy short films. documentaries, fiction, animation, for young and old alike, in your home!
WHEN: every day until 1st May at 21.00  / 21.30 via Facebook and Youtube.
Friday 3rd April: Angelo Kovotsos’ beloved movie “Encardia, the Dancing Stone”- see below.

WHERE: at home via  the CFF’s Youtube Channel  or   their Facebook site.

The films, on the one hand, are by students and teachers of Chania within the framework of the educational programs of the Chania Film Festival and by students from all over Greece.
But the CFF will also be showing films by both professionals and amateurs  from Greece and the world. Classic and contemporary films, films provided by their creators and supported in their efforts by the producers.


About Friday’s programme:

Encardia, the Dancing Stone (source:

The film follows the Greek band Encardia which composes and presents music and songs inspired by the rich musical tradition of Southern Italy, where  there is an ethnic Greek community –  the Griko – mainly in the regions of Calabria and Apulia.They are said to be remnants of Greek communities having arrived in southern Italy (the old Magna Graecia region) in several migration waves from the 8th century BC through to the Byzantine Greek migrations of the 15th century caused by the Ottoman conquest. The Griko community has preserved their original Greek identity, heritage, language and distinct culture, although exposure to mass media has slowly eroded  culture and language.
Encardia travelled to Southern Italy in search of local folk culture and met local musicians, poets and researchers, who try to preserve this powerful Mediterranean tradition with their songs and poetry. In addition to the music, they are interested in the Tarantella pizzica, a local variation of the well-known Italian dance, which has acquired magical, religious and therapeutic dimensions.

Language: Greek mainly, but music and dancing are international!

About the  Chania Film Festival (CCF):
The CFF is an international film festival that started in Chania, in the region of Crete. and quickly became an institution with international collaborations, with involvement and presence of creators, with many parallel events, with recognition and acceptance.
A cinematic institution that aspires to host what is best in the world of cinema, both in Greece and abroad. A meeting place for fiction films, documentaries  and animation films – a celebration of the 7th art!

CFF CINE CLUBSource: Chania Film Festival website /FB



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