Concert: Tribute to Greek composers Plessas, Spanos, Hatzinasios – Rodopos 4th August

4 August Concert RodoposA concert with masterpieces of  the Greek composers Plessas, Spanos and Hatzinasios – timeless songs, where the world singing and dancing is one.
Kostas Fiotakis’  successful concert tour started  from Chania (Lentariana), the next “stop” was in Rethymno (Municipal Garden of Rethymnon) and now in Rodopos!
WHERE: Rhodopou Village Square,  Rhodopos /Kolymbari
WHEN: Sunday 4th August 21.00

Mimis Plenas, Greek composer born in Athens began his career in 1952 and has written music for over 100 films, TV and radio programs as well as theatrical events.  His composition work O Dromos in 1969 (The Street) still remains the work with the most sales in the history of the Greek discography.
Yannis Spanos, Greek composer and lyricist born in 1943, worked in the artistic scene in Paris, with Juliette Gréco and many others.
He wrote his first songs there. Moved back to Greece, has been composing music to this day, including soundtracks for films.

Giorgos Hatzinasios, born in Thessaloniki in 1942,  had already achieved notability as a pianist by the age of 14, with a particular interest in jazz and Greek music. He has also written the music  for 38 films and 25 theatrical plays.

4 August Concert Rodopos

Source: Kostas Fiotakis


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