Movie Night: “BIG DEAL in Madonna Street” (“I Soliti Ignoti”) masterpiece of Italian cinema, Chania 1st – 3rd August


This movie ( original title  I Soliti Ignoti)CINE_KHPOS_Page_16, also released as Persons Unknown in the UK is a 1958 Italian criminal-comedy, directed byMario Monicelli,starring Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale, Viktor Gashman, Renato Salvatori, Rosani Rori.

WHEN: 1st August 22.30, 2nd and 3rd August 21.30
WHERE: Municipal Cinema Garden (“KIPOS”), Andrea Papandreou 63, Chania. For map click here.


General entrance: 5 €
Free entrance :
Unemployed (with an unemployment card)
People with disabilities
Adults over 65 years of age

The original title of the film means “the usual unknown persons”,  which is  a euphemism for “unidentified criminals”.

Like Visconti, Monicelli uses post war Italy as the atmosphere in which the characters find themselves trying to eke out their lives. The recurring Italian film maker’s theme of man against a complicated, bureaucratic life is no more evident than here. Throughout the film, the characters impressively quote Italian law by chapter and verse however this does not help them as they all have spent time in jail. The absurdity of knowledge without benefit of improvement is another.



Source &photo credit: Grafeio Epikoinonias kai Dimension Scheseon D. Chanion.



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