Lousakies 2017 – A night celebrating the Cretan Dance “Sirtos”

Organised by the Cultural Association of Lousakies

When: Thursday 3rd August 2017, 21:00

Where: Primary School of Lousakies

Admission: € 5 (free for children up to 12 years)

Contact: Kounelakis Stelios, 6973387268


21:00 – Welcome

21:15-21:30 Rodo & Pentozali dances from the children of the dance company of the Cultural Association of Lousakies.
21:30-21:50 Celebrating and awarding an honorary plaque to Fotoula Polychronakis-Simiakis for her contribution to traditional song.
21: 51-22:00 Sirto & Malevizioti dances from the Kissamos group “Brakoforon”
22:01-22:10 Sirto and Roumatiani Sousta from the Cultural Association “O Gigenis”
22:11-22:20 Sirto and Sousta from the dance group “I Kissamos”
22:21-22:30 Sirto and Pentozali dances from the Traditional group “Oneirokrites”
22:31-22:45 A tribute to Galanakis Antonis for his contribution to the dissemination of the Lousakianos Sirtos. The students of Apostolakis Fotis, Verikakis Giannis, Verikakis Michalis, Myiakis Petros, Patemichhelakis Manolis and Schinovenkakis Philippos will dance.
22:46-23:00 Rodo, Womens Sirto, Cross Sirto and Mens Sirto dances from the dance group of the Cultural Association of Lousakies.
23:01 – Celebration for all