Mimi Plessa Live, Nopigia, 16th September 2016

Live music from Mimi Plessa and Mavrikio Mavrikio, with guest Eleni Karakasi, performing at the Nopigia Stone Theatre, Friday 16th September 2016, at 21:00.

Tickets €12 on the door or €10 pre-sale, available from the Xoxlaki bookstore in Kissamos.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/331095960568185/

To finish two years cooperation with spectacular sold out concerts in Greece and Cyprus, and having completed and released their album titled “DIASKEFES”, the great creator Mimi Plessas and the performer and arranger Mauritius Mauritius travel to Greece and abroad this summer, having filled their bags with famous and favorite sounds whose time stamp remained indelible: the “Songs that have no seasons.”

Mimi Plessas. A name, a history and an enormous legacy to culture and music education in our country. The man with the compositions and songs nurtured many generations and today still disseminates his musical knowledge, to discover and establish artists and touching the piano keys with his own unique way, taking his audience on a musical journey.

Mauritius Mauritius with respect to the work of the great composer, inspired by it, modifies, orchestrates and interpret some of the most beautiful and timeless songs of Greek pentagram, who knew and loved the voices of older performers of our country, but also new songs that earned him the composer during their record of cooperation by submitting his own personal musical stamp.

“I’ll have tonight the moon”, “Room a pinch”, “All yours my eyes”, “Statue”, “What night stole you,” “What did I did and drink”, “Stopped the clock“, “Drunk tonight my girl”, ” My kind of moon“, ” If sin is love “, ” Beads “, ” So Summers”, ” Twelve mandolins”, ” If I deny my love”, “Sweet pain knife”, “I am sad heart”, “I cried yesterday”, “Dawning Sunday” and so many other beloved songs in a unique musical journey.