Cleaning Viglia beach

On Tuesday, the Kissamos Beach Cleaning team went once again to Viglia and Kalyviani beach.

This part of the coast is in the South-West corner of Kissamos bay, and with the prevailing summer North-Easterly winds, a lot of rubbish washes up on the shore.

Litter-picking in Viglia
Litter-picking in Viglia

We had a good group of about a dozen people. The beach was not especially dirty, except for the very far West side. We had a chance to check on the information signs that we placed on the beach here (still present!) and on the two bins that we look after.

This was a revealing moment. It was noticed that one of the bins had been used by someone who went out of their way to collect some rubbish from the beach, and then placed it in the bin. That’s a beautiful result.

The mere presence of a bin on the beach prompted more people to collect rubbish. There was no need to ask them.

A small good action generates goodwill and more good actions.

By the end of our effort, we had picked a few bagfuls of litter, about 8 of them.

Till next time!

Kissamos Beach Cleaning team
Kissamos Beach Cleaning team


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