Beach Cleaning in Kalyviani

Last Sunday morning the Kissamos Beach Cleaning team went litter picking to Viglia and Kalyviani beach.

Undeterred by the black clouds, and actually refreshed by the breeze, 15 enthusiastic people gathered and collected more than 30 bags of rubbish.

The beach was full of plastic, small and big, as well as lots of tar. The beach is not one of the most popular, probably because it can’t boast the finest sands in the area. It is however a very nice stretch, and being close to the South-West corner of Kissamos bay, it happens to collect a lot of rubbish blown by the North-East winds. There is also an attempt to improve the beach, as shown by the newly planted Tamarisk trees. It is also a very good spot for snorkelling, with seagrass meadows coming in almost all the way to shore.

In two hours of cleaning we managed to cover only the Westernmost part of the beach. We resolved to come back another time and finish our job, there is more beach all the way to the port that has more visitors, and even though it doesn’t have as much rubbish, it could still do with a good pass. Till next time.


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.