Refugee Talk and Collections

A big thank you to everyone who turned up to hear the talk about my father’s experiences as a Polish refugee during WW2.  Thank you for listening to me telling my dad’s story, it was pretty harrowing in places.  It is such a shame that 75 years on we are still allowing people to go through these awful experiences.

We raised 170 euros – 90 at the meeting, 10 from friends who couldn’t attend, plus 50 euro personal donation from a member of the local Anglican church and 20 euro from 2 ISKA members at the coffee morning.

Thanks to Helen Mander, who made some delicious cakes, which we enjoyed with our coffee.

I’ve spent 84 euro so far on thermal tights.  This was a request from Chania Helps Refugees, who are going to Lesvos later this month and will be taking smaller items with them as luggage.   They are going to let me know what else they need before they go.

Thanks to everyone for the clothes that were donated.   I will be taking these to Cretan Corner next Friday 12th.   Some will be taken by the volunteers who are going to Lesbos.  The rest will be parcelled up and sent for free by courier to where they are needed.  The refugees from the islands are eventually moved on to Athens and clothes are also needed there.

I have a full car load to take.   At the moment I’m sorting them in different piles – jumpers, coats, trousers, scarves, socks etc.   It makes it much easier when they reached their final destination.   At Lesvos they have warehouses of clothes that need sorting, before they can be distributed and this is what the volunteers are going to be doing among other things.   You can check their Facebook page for full details.

The owners of Aretousa also gave me 2 bags of winter clothes and will be asking their friends for children’s clothes.