Kissamos News growing

I thought you would appreciate some brief news about Kissamos News itself.

The Kissamos News Team has just acquired a couple of new contributors, who posted a few items about the community. Welcome to Phil and Vanessa!

Anybody willing to spend a little time finding and posting news is welcome (no commitment of course). The team is open! See the Contact page to get in touch.

As also the number of users and subscribers is growing, here’s a list of a few recent additional touches to the Kissamos News website:

  • you can now use your Facebook or Google login to leave comments on all posts
  • social media share buttons for all articles
  • automatic posting of News pieces to the Kissamos News Facebook page
  • slight redesign of front page to improve readability, including layout, calendar, colours
Kissamos News growing
Kissamos News growing

Some objective and some more anecdotal stories that point to Kissamos News growing:

  1. Subscribers to the newsletter are slowly but steadily growing, which in the age of ‘Facebook = internet’ is no mean feat
  2. Subscribers are also expanding beyond the (admittedly small) circle of people I know or know of
  3. People from the other side of the island are reading it! Hello Sitia.
  4. People are saying that they found out about events thanks to Kissamos News

So I hope you appreciate the effort 😉

…and send us comments if you like. Feedback is very welcome, if there’s something you like, you don’t like or you’d like to see, well, we’re all ears.

Manu – Kissamos News Team


Greek in spirit. Recently adopted, with whole family, by Kissamos. Sea and nature lover.