Butoh Dance Performance “Settlements Dreams”

When: Sunday Jan 24th @20:00

Where: Municipal Art Gallery, Chania

Free Entrance

More Information:  https://www.facebook.com/events/198582240496205/


Translated information:

As part of the exhibition “The World of Cyrus John. Sets, costumes and archival material from the theater, dance, music and television” Mary Malaxianaki presents the dance performance “Settlements Dreams” Sunday, January 24th.

If we liken the dream of a secular reflection and butoh with a dreamy reflection we might imagine these two situations as courtyards and self-contained entities that roam the same maze.

The art dive freely where active and forgotten dreams synaflizontai embraced as a cosmic or metaphysical system.
The slightest movement of a Party sets in motion the whole system and this inexplicable spreading wavy form affecting anything related to it directly or indirectly.
This dynamic development can lead to subtle or dramatic effects.
This awakening can transform individuals and entire societies.

The human spirit rejoice, rejoice anxious and excited towards the awakening of mythological fiction.

Through this matrix butoh was born for this maybe one of the leading forms of human input in the camp of dreams.
Where ancient and now forgotten beliefs and rituals were able to penetrate so deeply.

Maria Malaxianaki started dancing course in 2001 to Chania.Mesa the next eight years will follow butoh dance seminars with Masaki Iwana and Sumako Koseki and 2006 raises her first solo show in Chania.
At that time he enters in Normandy and take part in educational and artistic activities of Masaki Iwana from which it draws its inspiration crystallising the dance of the style.
Returning to Greece raises solo shows and participates in dance festivals in Chania and Athens.
From 2013 delivers butoh seminars in Athens in collaboration with the Theatre Eilissos 2014 creates her own dance group in Chania. In recent years active as a choreographer as it continues to evolve in this area.

Choreography, costumes: Maria Malaxianaki
Performers: Stella Anagnostopoulou Katerina Papandreou Kaliopi Pandi and Maria Malaxianaki