Flowers of Peace – Colors of Light: Mandala painting workshop in Chania

Flowers of Peace – Colors of Light
​​Mandala Painting Weekend Workshop
​by Sabella Sabine Schumacher
11:00 am on Saturday & Sunday 12th-13th December, 2015

What is a Mandala?
“Mandala” means “circle” and is a word in Sanscrit language. A mandala is an item or picture in the shape of a circle. Many ancient cultures were using forms of mandalas for rituals and contemplation. Mandalas and the technique of making or painting a mandala have a very beneficial influence on our wellbeing.

So, what will we do at this workshop?
We will paint, and our inner child will smile and enjoy. You do not need to have any ‘talent’ or ‘skills’ in painting for this blissful experience. Sabine will provide the painting materials, and guide you (and your inner child) thru a beautiful process of meditative creating. And, as this event is within the Christmas season, as a surplus you will find yourself within an enchanting Christmas atmosphere, taking you back to joyful memories of this beautiful season.

When, where, how long?
This very special painting workshop will be held at the beautiful place of Orizion Center for Life and Creation on the weekend of 12th and 13th of December.
We will start at 11 am on Saturday until 5-6 pm, and end in the evening of Sunday (the ending time is depending on the painting progress) with sharing of the painting experience and a little dancing and relaxing.

It is necessary to participate all the 2 days in full, in order to experience a beneficial process and support the group atmosphere. We would like to invite you to do take this “time out” for yourself in a relaxed manner, to give yourself and also the others acknowledgement and appreciation. In other words, be present and do not run nor rush, if any possible.

What must I bring?
1. For the painting, the material will be prepared and provided by Sabine.
2. For lunch, we would like to ask every participant to bring some food to share at the meal on Saturday and Sunday.
3. And then, well, bring a smile. And if just not available… you might find your smile during the painting experience…

Booking and further information?
Yes, please, as Sabine has to prepare the material for you! Please do contact Sabine for further information and reservation at artesabella@gmail.com or phone 694-2595207, or contact Ingrid-Margarita at Orizon, phone 697-4143598.

About Sabine
Sabine, an artisan, spiritual painter, designer and feng shui consultant, will be guiding this new creative workshop for all who like to experience new abilities and all those of you who go for their dreams. More about Sabine on her website www.artesabella.com

Saturday 12th December, 2015 from 11.00 am till 18.00 pm
Sunday 13th December starting 11.00 am till open end with sharing and dancing

The seminar will primarily take place at the Orizon Center at Akrimios that can be found near the 11 km on the National Road between Rethymno & Chania, Crete, opposite the turn to Aptera.

The energy exchange and appreciation for this weekend workshop is 50 Euro per person for the workshop. Painting material will be prepared and provided and is included in this.
Tea and coffee will be offered for free, but donations are thankfully accepted to contribute to the cost of the drinks and the place.

For booking confirmation and further details, please contact:
Ingrid Margarita via email: ingrid.orizon@gmail.com
or phone (+30) 697 414 3598
Sabine via email: artesabella@gmail.com