Greek-French Festival of Music and Mathematics – 7+1 Classical Music Recital (Festum π)

The Greek-French Festival of Music and Mathematics – “Festum π” with the participation of international scientists and musicians will take place in Chania from 8th – 20th July.
For the general public seven concerts from 9th – 17th July with internationally renowned musicians will be presented with free admission.

WHEN: 9th – 17th July, different beginning times, see below program in detail

WHERE: different event locations:
Mikis Theodoraki Theatre, Venetian Harbour 
Museum of Typography
Venizelos Conservatory of Chania

Admission to all concerts is free.
Free tickets with numbered seats are available for the concerts at the Mikis Theodorakis Theatre.
Distribution from Monday , 8thJuly, at the Mediterranean Centre for Architecture (CAM), Grand Arsenal,  from 9.00 – 15.00.

For two weeks you will have the opportunity to enjoy classical music, while two world conferences of Mathematics and Musicology will take place at the Mediterranean Agricultural Institute of Chania (MAICH). During the festival, two international conferences and master-classes of mathematics and music will be held by 20 mathematicians and musicologists for 50 scholarship students from Greece and France. 

The ultimate goal of the festival, under the artistic direction the Greek-French maestro Dionysis Dervis-Bournias, is the establishment of a World Center for Pythagorean Studies (music and mathematics) and an Aegean orchestra, as well as the revival of the Aegean as a place of Greek research in Mathematics from antiquity to the present day.

The festival also aspires to attract audiences from all over the region who are interested in high-quality events, both locals and tourists.

A special night will be July 14th, where the excellent lyra player Dimitris Vakakis will improvise together with one of the greatest French composers, Karol Beffa, on the piano, at the Mikis TheodorakisTheatre.

Apart from the MAICH, the Festival will be held at the Mikis Theodorakis Theater (concerts), at the Typography Museum, and at the Venizelos Conservatory of Chania with piano masterclasses by selected students from Chania, by the piano teacher of the Geneva Conservatory Mr. Sodi Braide .


TUESDAY JULY 9, 8:30 PM (MIKIS THEODORAKIS THEATRE) Sodi Braide, piano · Rameau · Debussy · Liszt · Wagner

THURSDAY 11 JULY, 8:30 PM (THEATRE OF MIKI THEODORAKIS) Bertrand Maury, piano · Lully · Bach · Liszt

FRIDAY JULY 12, 8:30 PM (MIKIS THEODORAKIS THEATRE) Vassilis Varvaresos, piano · Schubert · Chopin · Ravel

SATURDAY JULY 13, 8:30 PM (MIKIS THEODORAKIS THEATRE) Simos Papanas, violin Dimos Goudaroulis, cello Vassilis Varvaresos, piano · Haydn · Schubert

7:00 PM Dimitris Vakakis, Cretan traditional lyra, Karol Beffa, piano · Improvisations 8:00 PM Karol Beffa, piano · Ciné-concert: Au bonheur des Dames (7.30, film by Julien Duvivier) with improvised piano accompaniment

TUESDAY 16 JULY, 8:30 PM (TYPOGRAPHY MUSEUM) Dimos Goudaroulis, cello Simos Papanas, violin · J S Bach

WEDNESDAY JULY 17, 8:30 PM (VENIZELOS CONSERVATORY) Arielle Beck, piano · Schumann · Chopin · Liszt



The summer school and the conference will focus on analysis (optimal transport, kinetic equations, fluids, resonances, crowd movements, etc.), with connections to other fields (geometry, numerical analysis, etc.). Among the invited speakers who will be present at the summer school or the conference are: Nicholas Alikakos (University of Athens), Panagiotis Gianniotis (University of Athens), Bertrand Maury (Université Paris-Saclay), Angeliki Menegaki (Imperial College London), Clément Mouhot (University of Cambridge), Frédéric Rousset (Université Paris-Saclay), Filippo Santambrogio (Université Lyon I), Katharina Schratz (Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions), Achilleas Tertikas (University of Crete), Cédric Villani (Université Lyon I and IHES).


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