Concert “Adiemus Songs of Sanctuary” – Chania 2nd and 3rd March

The mixed choir CONCORDIA presents “Adiemus – Songs of Sanctuary by the Welsh composer Karl Jenkins.
This is another tribute within the framework of the 100 years anniversary of the Venizelos Conservatory.
WHEN: 2nd and 3rd March, 20.30
WHERE: Venizelos Conservatory, Nikiforou Foka, Chania

Tickets: € 10,-, pre-sale €8,- at The Venizelos Conservatory, tel. 2821 043067

A few words about “Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary”
It is a choral work by the Welsh composer Karl Jenkins based on the European musical tradition where the vocal sound tends more towards ethnic music. The songs are a mix of African and Celtic melodies, with many elements from gospel and classical music. The percussion part gives the tracks an upbeat tribal rhythm.
The vocal parts are not written in the real language, despite the fact that some lyrics bear a resemblance to Latin. The words were written by the composer with the intention of the voices acting purely as an instrument. The word adiemus comes from the Latin word adeamus meaning “let us approach”

Source: Venizelos Conservatory


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