Theatre: Hamlet/Koltès (“The Day of the Murders in the Story of Hamlet”) – Kissamos 20th November and Maleme 22th November

For the first time in Greece, under the direction of the Artistic Director Efi Theodorou, the work of the 
distinguished French writer Bernard-Marie Koltès: “The Day of the Murders in the Story of Hamlet”.
20th November 19.30 in the Town Hall of Kissamos
22nd November 19.30, Cultural Centre in Maleme

Ticket: € 8,-
Online presale: https://www.more.com/theater/amlet/koltes/
or at the box office one and a half hours before the play starts.

Language: Greek

“The day of the murders in the story of Hamlet”, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic masterpiece, was written in 1974

Koltės, one of the most important playwrights of the 20th century, who died prematurely, confronts the momentum of his 26 years with the great classic. He deconstructs his “Hamlet” and reconstructs a new play that draws from modern literature, modern drama and the quests of the modern age.

The action is organized through the condensing of the plot in 24 hours around the 4 main characters: Hamlet, Gertrude, Ophelia, Claudius. A quartet behind closed doors, two opposite couples, two opposite destinies mirror and embody the desperate vision of the human condition between love and politics. Koltès places his “Hamlet” in an unspecified place and time, maintaining the basic elements and themes of the original work. The sordid murder of the king-father, the usurpation of power by the murderer-lover, the revenge in progress, the “theatre within a theatre”, the tragic resolution of the story, are present in this new play that explores questions of identity, love, sexuality, power, family relationships, the confrontation with the inevitability of death, the redemptive power of the theatre as a mirror of reality.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet does not act, he is immobilized, he delays becoming the driving force and hero of the play. Koltes’ Hamlet is certainly more impetuous, more determined. He is in a hurry to finish. To finish with Hamlet, to finish with the Theatre.

Source: Municipality of Kissamos and chania-culture.gr


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