The Museum “Monastery Karolos” opened its doors in Chania

The Museum  “Monastery Karolos” of the late celebrity hairdresser and artist Karolos Kampelopoulos opened its doors today, Sunday, 2nd July, with rare objects, old furniture and great works of art.
This is a museum with a permanent exhibition on two floors, in the ancient Venetian Monastery of Santa Maria della Misericordia (1583).

Four years after his death,Karolos’ dream comes true with the opening of this exceptional  museum in Chania.

Karolos’ aims were 
– the promotion and support of Fine Arts.

-In collaboration with the Franco-Hellenic Association of Chania, the promotion and support of the Franco-Hellenic relations, in the fields of Letters and Arts

Visitors also have the opportunity to admire a hairdressing salon from the previous century, with hairdressing accessories and tools from another era. The visitor’s eyes are also drawn to the old-style and well-maintained furniture, as well as the photos with the hairstyles of Melina Merkouri, Catherine Deneuve and other stars of the time when Karolos lived in Paris.

Stella Koutsoupaki, museum director and general secretary of the Karolos Kampelopoulos Foundation, also the head of the Franco-Hellenic Association of Chania:

“Today the vision of Karolos Kampelopoulos to open the Museum, has been realized. It is the story of a cosmopolitan. It is history from the 15th century until today, with his own works of art, works from his collection, and partly also a hairdressing museum. The building is from 1583 transformed into a centre of culture for Chania.
 His dream has come true – Karolos wanted the place to become a place of culture but also a place that would support young artists. The foundation also grants scholarships to young artists.”
The Museum offers guided tours for small groups of visitors. The tour lasts 40 minutes.
Where to find the museum: Chatzimichali Daliani 22, Chania
+30 697 220 6757

More about the museum and Karolos Kampelopoulos: click here.

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