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ROTONDA, Church of Archangel Michael in Episkopi, is open to visitors

After successful efforts of the Municipality of Platanias and its  mayor, Ioannis Malandrakis, the unique and famous Rotonda,  also called the Church of the Archangel Michael has been accessible for visitors since 2018.

This year an archaeology officer was appointed who will be at the unique sight.

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, except Tuesday,  9.30 – 16.30
Tel. Mrs. Spinthouraki Argyro, 694 3528229 for group visits and pre-consultation. She speaks English. If the church appears to be closed during visiting hours, visitors can contact her on this number.

WHERE: Episkopi, about 10 km south of Kolymbari. For map click here.

What makes the Rotonda so unique in Crete is its stepped dome with five concentric rings, which, in general, is very rare in Byzantine architecture.
The church dating back to the  6th century (first Byzantine period),  became the seat of the Bishop of Kissamos during the second Byzantine period. During this period it was extended.
Most notable are the partially preserved frescoes, which consist of four to five layers, painted between the 7th and the 14th centuries. 

For more information about the Rotonda click here.

Source and photo credit: Municipality Platanias


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