In honour of the Female Farmer: Festival in Karanou (Municipality Platanias) – 15th October

The Educational Association of Karanou “The ROOT” (“Η ΡΙΖΑ”,), with  cooperation of the Municipality of Platanias and the Region of Crete, on the occasion of the International Day of the Farmer, invite you to an event in honor of the Female Farmer.

WHEN: Saturday, 15th October at 17.00
WHERE: Hall of the Cultural Association at Karanou (25 km south of Platanias)
Access either from Skines or Lakki.

The event will feature an amateur documentary about the Farmer, an exhibition of photographic material as well as a theatrical performance.

It will be followed by a traditional treat from the Karanos Educational Association.

Source: Municipality Platanias


About the village Karanou:

Leaving behind us the village of Lakkoi and going up to the Omalos Plateau, after about 5-6 kilometers we come across the fork that goes to the village of Karanou, a picturesque village perched on the slope of the White Mountains, hidden among olive trees and rich green vegetation, waiting to pleasantly surprise the visitor with the beauties it has to reveal.
It is accessible both from the Lakki side, as mentioned, and also from the Skines side.
The history of the village goes back to ancient times.
The name of the village comes from the word “Karanos = the supreme lord of the region”. Beyond its natural beauty, the magnificent view and the exquisite gastronomic delicacies – samples of Cretan cuisine prepared from pure local ingredients – which can be enjoyed in the taverns located inside and just outside the village, you can learn about the rich Historical and Cultural Tradition of the village which has its roots in the Venetian occupation.
Byzantine Churches – such as that of Agios Dimitrios & Panagia of Mousuraina with frescoes from the 12th century.
And for nature lovers: Two relatively small but beautiful canyons , the gorges of Boriano and Kydoni .
Be sure to walk through them and enjoy samples of the rich local flora. It is a visit you will never forget!
Events: The Feast of the Farmer and the Cherry Festival, the latter taking place in June each year, the Gathering of the Apantachou Karaniotes and the Marriage of the Young – every August – as well as the traditional religious festival, the feast of the Virgin Mary on 8th  September.15 Oct Female Farmer feast Karanou


I'm Austrian living in Tavronitis, love nature, music, good books, sunsets, the sea, travelling, socializing and more. I came to Crete as a student in the early 70s, exploring the west and southwest of the island with friends by motorbike. When you are young everything is important and, there are lots of things to do...I did. Job, family,children, travelling the world. But I never lost my love for Crete for a minute. And seven years ago I ended up in this convenient corner of Crete, not only for holidays, but to stay and haven't regretted it for a minute.