“Uprooting”: Music and dance performance commemorating the Pontian Genocide – Chania 14th May

As part of the commemoration of the Pontian Genocide, the Pontian Association of the Prefecture of Chania “Panagia Soumela” in collaboration with DALE PASO presents a music and dance performance entitled ‘Ξεριζωμός’ (‘Uprooted’), dedicated to the  100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the 103rd anniversary of the Pontian Genocide. With true testimonies of people who experienced and survived it.

WHEN: 14th May 20.00
WHERE: Cultural Centre, Andrea Papandreou 70, Chania

Free admission 

–  the Association of Pontians of the Prefecture of Chania “Panagia Soumela”, the Dance Association  “Δώσε Πάσο” (Dale Paso) and “Epilinos”

-Dance Instructors: Portaliou Natasa, Kakavelakis Konstantinos, Hairetakis Nikos
Texts: Matsamaki Artemis
Performance Curator: Kakavelakis K.

For information about the Smyrna Catastrophe- Genocide of Greeks in Asia Minor click here.


* The necessary measures against the spread of Covid-19 will be observed in the theatre area. The use of a mask is necessary for all spectators when entering and leaving the theatre and during 14 Mai Uprooting Chania the performance.



Source and photo credit: diktyofm.gr


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