Spring concert ‘Candius Firmus’ – Chania 18th April

The Vocal Ensemble of the Youth Choir of the Municipality of Chania are performing works by J.S. Bach, Orlando di Lasso, W.A. Mozart, G. Faure and  Nikos Perakis.

WHEN:  Greek Holy Monday, 18th April 20.30 – 21.30
WHERE:  Centre for Mediterranean Architecture – Grand Arsenal (Venetian Harbour), 31, Akti Tombazi, Katechaki Square, Chania.

Entrance: free

For free entrance cards click here.
Scroll down to ‘Κάντε Κράτηση Εισιτηρίου’ (Book your (free) ticket‘  and present it at the entrance.
Admission: with a certificate of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 for adults and for children from 4-17years  a 24-hour-self test  is required.

‘Candius Firmus’:
In music ‘cantus firmus’ is the terminology for a melody on which a polyphonic composition was based during the Renaissance.
The name Candius Firmus refers to the words Candia (old name of Chania) and cantus.


Sopranos: Carmen Antoniou, Filia Karakatsani, Despina Katsanevaki
Alto: Alexandra Georgopoulou, Anna Gramvousaki, Natalia Daskalaki
Tenors: George Kalogerakis, Astrinos Michelakis
Bass: Konstantinos Kokologiannakis, Grigoris Vitsilakis
Solo song: Stavros Grylakis
Piano: Aphrodite Mitsotaki
Address: Nikos Perakis

Organization: Municipality of Chania – KEPPEDICH KAM

Source: KAM18 April Spring Concert







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