Power cut 9th April: Kissamos, Kantanos-Selinos, Kolymbari, Voukoulies, Platanias

There is a scheduled power cut again this Saturday due to technical works in the network that will affect the entire territory of the following  municipalities on Saturday,  9th April:
a. from 06.30 to 10.30:

The whole Municipality of Kissamos
The whole Municipality of Kantanos-Selinos
Municipal Unit of Kolymbari
Municipal Unit of Voukolies
Municipality of Platanias  (Maleme, Tavronitis, Voukolies, Palia Roumata).

b. from 06.30 a.m. until 06.40 a.m. and from 10.15 a.m. until 10.30 a.m. in the following areas:

The whole MUNICIPALITY OF PLATANIAS – Pano and Kato Stalos – Agia Marina/ Kydonias.

If the work is completed earlier, the power will be restored before the time mentioned above.

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