Exhibition ‘Greece after the Revolution’ – Chania: extended until 30th April

The exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Chania, Chalidon 98, is extended until 30th April.
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Opening hours:  Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 – 14:00 and 18:00 – 21: 00.
Sunday 10:00 – 14:00.
Closed on Monday.
“Greece after the Revolution – Artistic Treasures from the Krasakis Collection”
More than 2,500 visitors count within the first three months of operation the exhibition from the Krasakis Collection, organized at the Chania Municipal Gallery and finished under the auspices of the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou.
The exhibition of 167 artistic treasures out of the 1,500 in total available by the Tina and Michael Kraskis Collection and which includes among other works by Ivan Aivazovski, Vasili Polenov, Peter von S and Hans Christian Hansen, Nikolaou Gizi, Niki tax Lytra, Theodoros Ralli, Theodoros Vryzakis, accessories, watches and costumes, weapons and editions attracted the interest not only of the adult public. Atrocious was – despite the adverse conditions of the pandemic – and the attendance of school groups.
The objects of the collection that are traces of the Greek adventure both in the first revolutionary and post-pronest period and highlight the creation of the spiritual connection of younger Greece with the West are presented for the first time according to the five decades since its establishment publicly and in fact, not at home of, Cologne, Germany, but in the birthplace of Deutsche Welle collector and journalist, Michalis Krasakis, Crete.
The presentation of the artistic treasures of the Krasakis Collection at the Chania Municipal Gallery is the most important event taking place in Crete in the context of the celebrations since the 200 years of the declaration of the Greek Revolution.
Modern technology has its own role in the organization as in collaboration with the research team of the Crete High School has been created a three-dimensional virtual reality model of the exhibition space that enables digital reading the information that accompanies every project. The result of this collaboration that offers the possibility of detailed browsing the exhibition via screen (computer, tablet or smartphone) to those who are unable to visit the Chania Municipal Gallery is available at on the website https://pinakothiki-chania.gr
At the same time, with the digital, polymedicine enhancement of the projects of the exhibition ” Greece after the Revolution. Artistic treasures from the Krasakis Collection”, in-person visitors are given the ability to interactive observation, analysis and three-dimensional simulation of the special features of exhibitions with simultaneously viewing the works and the ψ of their nightmare awakening. Through interacting with augmented reality, users experience a new experience, obtaining in a reasonable way important information about the use of objects – exhibits and the history of a particular period.
The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated 380-page list (in three different editions in Greek, English and German) with texts by the writer Katerina Schina, by the writer and journalist Nikos Psilakis, the curator of the collections of the Greek Parliament Thodoris Koutsoyannis and the historian Eftichis Tzirtzilakis.
Health protection measures: According to the Government Gazette 4674 / 8-10-2021, all the prescribed health protocols are observed.
Source: Municipal Art Gallery


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