UPDATE CORONA MEASURES 30th December to 16th January

The measures originally planned for January 3 have been in force since 6.00 today, 30th December, as the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris announced yesterday:

Restaurants, cafes and bars will close at midnight. Exception is on New Year’s Eve where they will close a 2 o’ clock in the morning yet without music.

  • Music is banned
  • Standing customers are not allowed
  • Maximum 6 persons at a table will be seated.
  • Teleworking by 50% in private and public sectors and rolling working hours.
  • Sports stadiums: spectators allowed at 10% of capacity and maximum 1,000 people
  • Visitors to nursery homes and hospitals: only with PCR test of 48 hours
  • Masks:
    Mandatory use of FFP2 / KN95 mask or double surgical or fabric mask in supermarkets and public transport as well as catering workers
    Recommendation for double mask or high protection where there are crowded areas
  • Among the bans, the minister said, is the ban on holding a party in a public or private place.

COVID-19 tornosnewsThe measures are in force until January 16, 2022, while their extension maybe considered depending on the epidemiological situation in Greece.
According to Mr. Plevris, the committee unanimously called on the citizens to be vaccinated, the vaccines cover the Omicron mutation, and not to spread false news that the vaccines do not cover it, he stressed.
He also said that the government will re-evaluate the whole framework both in terms of the obligation of vaccinations and for the time when the certificates will be valid.

Source: zarpanews, haniotika nea December 29


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