MyHealth App: One-click access to your medical and health data

A new  digital service that the state will provide from now on is the MyHealth app, through which every citizen has access to his medical and health data.

The MyHealth app is the model of the Electronic Health File and was implemented by IDIKA (E-Government of Social Security SA), supervised body of the Ministry of Digital Governance.

Citizens can see all the recipes, referrals and medical certificates issued for their AMKA (issue number and date, doctor who wrote the document, as well as all content).

The app is should help combat bureaucracy, reduce overprescription and bring down drug spending. All necessary steps have been taken to ensure that personal information is protected from misuse, loss and inappropriate access and disclosure.

The use of the MyHealth app requires registration for the digital prescription (through ) and a certified mobile phone number through the EMEP (or if you have previously issued an electronic authorization through

myhealth APPDownload the MYHEALTH APP at

Communication Register
Enter your contact details electronically in the National Contact Register to be available in your online transactions with the public.

Enter your mobile phone number and you will receive a one-time password via SMS to verify possession.
Confirm the possession of the mobile phone number either by:
-mobile service provider
-bank (internet banking)

Note: In case this is not possible then you should visit a K.E.P.

-Fill in the rest of your contact details. You will receive:

-a one-time password via text message (SMS) on your mobile phone to confirm the declaration of your details

-Confirmation link in your email to confirm your email.

You will need:
-your personal Taxisnet passwords

-your mobile phone number

-your email address

Each phone number can only be registered once.

The electronic registration and electronic updating of your contact details in EMEp is a responsible statement.

In case of change of your contact details you must inform the EMEp within 30 days from their change. The history of changes of your data in EMEp is maintained for 20 years.

At the moment this service is only available in Greek.



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