3 day midsummer yoga retreat on Gavdos island

Organised by YoganaSana

18th – 21st June

This year, the three days of the Agios Pnevmatos celebration coincide with the summer solstice.
On the biggest days of the year we meet for the third consecutive year on the magical island of Calypso. Guided by the Sun, we head south, where the sirens are silent. Like Nobody, we will escape for a while from the worries, the anxieties, the routine and we will taste the melancholy lotuses that only this place can offer us. We will enjoy the Gavdiotic moon, the healing of the life-giving Sun, the clearing of the sea, the grounding in the warm sand, the good company and of course the union with our inner self through our yogic practice,

The lessons will take place early in the morning and at sunset on the beach of Ai Giannis. Everyone can use their free time as they wish. The cost of the courses is 40 euros. (For active students of the Yoganasana group it is 30 euros). In case of inclement wind, we will adjust the program.
The accommodation will be either in tents on the beach of Ai Giannis or in rooms next to the beach.

The reservation for the rooms must be made by May 25 with a 30% deposit. The cost of the rooms is 45 euros for a double, 50 euros for a triple and 55 euros for a quadruple.  For bookings after May 25th, or in case the spaces fill up earlier, you are responsible for finding your own accommodation.

Those who are able to, can come from Friday and the rest on Saturday.

Transport options are as follows
1) Without bringing a car, you can come and return with the GAVDOS EXPRESS, departing from Sfakia 10am and returning 5pm from Gavdos, every day.  Passenger tickets cost €20 and the crossing takes about 1 hour.

2) If you wish to bring a car, take the ANENDYK ferry to Gavdos. For more information on ANENDYK itineraries and ticket prices you can call 28210 95511 / 28210 95512.

For more information, booking and participation: call 6945472998 or contact via facebook
event: https://www.facebook.com/events/909944999764794