UK citizens – refusal of services without biometric permit (update)

Some UK citizens resident in Greece have been experiencing issues with being refused services due to not having the new biometric residence permit.

If you are affected by this, there is good news. A new circular has been issued, dated 16/4, and sent to all ministries and KEP offices across Greece. This circular confirms that you can use your old beige or blue EU residence permits in all public offices to prove that you are covered by the Withdrawal Agreement, if you have not been able to get a biometric permit yet. If you don’t have the old permit, you can also prove your rights under the WA using other documents.

The circular can be found (in Greek) here: https://diavgeia.gov.gr/doc/6%CE%9E%CE%A8%CE%9746%CE%9C%CE%A4%CE%9B%CE%A0-%CE%A1%CE%91%CE%99?inline=true
If you have had issues, you can print this circular and present it to whichever office is refusing to serve you. The relevant section is the last few paragraphs of page 4 which say:

”In the event that a UK citizen, beneficiary of the WA does not have a biometric permit and considering that the system of registration is declaratory, the required documents at all ministries and public offices are

a. a valid passport, accompanied by one of required residence documents – certificate of registration of a citizen of a Member State of the EU or a document certifying permanent residence of a citizen of an EU Member State
issued, according to p.d. 106/2007, which are strong evidence documents for the residence status under the Withdrawal Agreement.
b. a valid passport, accompanied by documents to prove in a credible manner that they applicant exercised their rights of free movement in the host Member State before the end of the transitional period and continues to reside in it. Indicative documents that can reliably prove this fact are certificates of family relationship with beneficiary of the WA, certificates of employment from an employer or training documents,independent economic activity in Greece, certificate of registration in public or private educational institution, approved or funded by Greek state, documents (cumulative) of existence of resources and insurance coverage illness in Greece, tax returns etc

Information and translations are from the citizens rights group British in Greece – for questions and further information please follow there.

If you need information about how to apply for a new biometric residence permit, please see this article: https://www.kissamosnews.com/2021/01/new-biometric-residence-permits-for-uk-citizens-living-in-greece/