Covid vaccination registration information

**Update April 1st 2021**

Currently the following groups are eligible for vaccination:

– Citizens from 60 to 64 years old.
– Citizens over 70 years.
– Citizens with very high risk diseases.

More details can be read on the government vaccination site:

*********************  Article published on Feb 9th  ***************************************
The Greek government announced yesterday (8th February 2021) that they will be opening the vaccination platform for 2 more age categories in the next few days, more details below.

Please note that you can’t register on the platform for the vaccination until your age group is eligible.

There is the possibility to register both for those who have AMKA numbers, and those without.

The vaccination platform will open for the following age groups:

  • 60-64 age group from Wednesday 10th February
  • 75-79 age group from Friday 12 February

For those aged 65-75, don’t worry, you’ve not been forgotten about! The Astra-Zeneca vaccination has been approved for use on patients  <65 years old, and so there will be 2 parallel vaccination streams for the different vaccination types (under 65 and over 65).

If you are aged 80+, your age group is already being vaccinated so please register or ask at your local pharmacy.

Registration for the vaccination can be done in the following ways:

For those with an AMKA number, you can register online here (currently only in Greek)
Registration WITHOUT AMKA number:
If you belong to the current eligible age groups but do not have an AMKA or your AMKA number cannot be identified by the system, you can apply through the following form:

Details required are:
Surname, Name, Fathers Name,
Identification document number & Type of ID document (with 3 choices: ID, Passport, European insurance card)
AMKA (if there is one) – if you don’t have one write “Δεν έχω ΑΜΚΑ”
AFM – tax number (if there is one)

Contact number and e-mail.

*To register for E-prescriptions you can download a pdf guide (in English) here.

Photo source: @AdonisGeorgiadi