Animal Welfare Society JAWS FOR PAWS – online raffle

As it is not possible to hold a physical event this holiday season due to Covid restrictions, the JOINT ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY  “JAWS FOR PAWS” in the Apokoronas area does an online raffle with some amazing prizes to help raise money to support the needy in their community.
With that in mind, they have decided to support two worthy causes:
– the local Social Supermarket, providing basic food and clothing items for needy people,  and
– Cretan Animal Protection, who support and transport many stray animals from Crete to loving permanent homes.
Photos of the prizes are posted on the FB site of JAWS FOR PAWS (link below).
Tickets can  either be purchased at Hunky Dory’s in Kalyves, or the Pear Tree in Almyrida,
or online from Irene McWilliams.
She can be reached by sending a message to Jaws for Paws on their Facebook page.
She will arrange online payment via PayPal, or will arrange a drop off point for payment.
Tickets cost €2 each, so 5 for €10, or (even better) 12 for €20.
The drawing for winners will be held on December 11th, so plenty of time to pick up your prize before Christmas!
Thank you all for your support, and for helping your neighbours, both 2-legged and 4-legged, have a Happy Christmas!
Source: Animal Welfare Society (a group of volunteers who raise donations for the stray animals in the Aporkoronas area.)Jaws for Paws online raffle


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