Butoh Dance Workshop, Chania

Butoh dance workshop held each Saturday throughout October & November in Chania, at “Theatre 73100“.

The workshop lasts three hours, we prepare the body and the condition of the dancer where he reaches a performance. For more information and registration: call 6948868639, inbox FB (https://www.facebook.com/theatre73100/) or malaxianima@yahoo.com

Butoh is an enigma, a constantly evolving mystery, violent or serene, slow or manic fast, improvised or choreographed dance, it resists definitions or interpretations, transforming those who encounter it.
It’s impossible to create.
Do not try to control your body,
let the soul breathe life into the flesh.
Be free. Let go.
Being free does not mean doing what you want or what you think.
Rather, it means freeing yourself from thought and will.
You are happy because you are free.
“You smile, a flower blooms in your mouth.”
The irrational releases.
The impossible carries out new paths.
Kazuo Ono-Butoh dancer

“The basic research of the laboratory is through physical action to weaken the mind so that the body itself dances, to move through the senses, changing physical and mental state having momentum and not thought-idea. We work with various mechanisms and techniques with the aim of abandoning ourselves and opening up to the unknown.