Mindfulness Meditation Workshop, Chania

On Sunday, July 12, we invite you to Provarma, a few kilometers away from Chania and the tensions of the city, to relax and experience moments of awareness.

Our meeting will take place at Heliodorus Yoga House, at 9 am.

We start with an acquaintance cycle, enjoying a fresh fruit and vegetable juice, for detoxification and to give us energy.
This will be followed by practice with gentle Yoga positions to prepare the body to sit comfortably in a meditation position. We will proceed with a meditation of consciousness (Mindfulness Meditation) staying for a while in silence and relaxing. Upon completion of the meditation, a speech and explanation of the Mindfulness technique will follow. Questions and inquiries are welcome!

The workshop will conclude with Mindful Eating and a discussion on the yoga diet, during the vegetarian lunch.

Start time: 9:00
Departure time: 15:30

Practice will be guided by:
Constantinos Tselios
Dimitris Gioulos

The number of participants is limited and reservations are required.
For more information please contact us:
6983319219 or 6972784679