Cretan World Music Festival – Eastern Moat Theatre, Chania 24th July

This festival, with the inspirational input of truly great, internationally recognized groups, will be a musical experience the audience will not want to miss, creating lasting memories for everyone taking part.
This year the Cretan World Music Festival will be held at the  Eastern Moat Theatre, (open air theatre),Chania, on 24th July, 20.30.
10 € / Unemployed, disabled: 5 € / Children under 12 free.
Participating musicians:
Human Touch
– David Lynch, Stavros Lantsias, Yiotis Kiourtsoglou,
Maria Manousaki Quartet
-Vagelis Stephanopoulos, Michael Evdemon, Panayiotis Kostopoulos,  Giorgos Voyiatzis.
Stratis Skarakis Duet.
Parallel events: seminars and lessons on the 23rd and 24th July  at  the KAM centre and Kapsomenos Foundation.
Email for those interested : Praxisnpo@gmail.com

A few words about the artists:

Human Touch, after 20 years of life, are now one of the most famous and recognized bands in our country, having acquired their own distinct identity in the field of music.

Their music, through the variety of instruments, entices the listener by filling him with images and emotions. Human Touch have played in all major festivals in the country and have an enthusiastic audience in Europe where they play more and more often. . Human Touch is indeed a “human touch”.

David Lynch – tenor & soprano, saxophone, voice, flute, piccolo flute, flute, percussion.
Giotis Kiourtsoglou – electric bass, voice, cajon.
Stavros Lantsias – piano-keyboards, drums, classical guitar, future

Maria Manousaki Quartet with participation of George Vogiatzis lyre & voice.  Maria  M. mixes traditional Cretan melodies, with elements of New York jazz and Middle Eastern music. Her distinguished and multicultural musicians give their own color to her compositions. The result creates an acoustic celebration of intense, dramatic and uplifting sounds, as well as expressive and melancholic melodies.

Maria Manousaki – violin
Vangelis Stefanopoulos – piano
Michalis Evdaimon – electric bass
Panagiotis Costopoulos – drums, percussion
George Vogiatzis – lyre, voice

Stratis Skarakis (violin, voice) is a rising traditional violinist with genuine Cretan music, who conveys the color and experience of the area of ​​Kissamos where he comes from.

Organizers: Praxis and Alma de Creta
Co-organizers: KAM and Municipality of Chania


I'm Austrian living in Tavronitis, love nature, music, good books, sunsets, the sea, travelling, socializing and more. I came to Crete as a student in the early 70s, exploring the west and southwest of the island with friends by motorbike. When you are young everything is important and, there are lots of things to do...I did. Job, family,children, travelling the world. But I never lost my love for Crete for a minute. And seven years ago I ended up in this convenient corner of Crete, not only for holidays, but to stay and haven't regretted it for a minute.