Falasarna cycling race for children

The “Creative and Landscaping Association of Platanos, “H Enotita”, invites you to the Falasarna Cycling road race, on Sunday, July 12, at 8.30am, with your own bicycles.

With us will be the champion Kostas Varouchakis who will honour us with his attendance.
We are also co-ordinating with the parents’ association of Platanos primary school.

We will start from the old square of Platanos outside the group’s headquarters (Creative and Landscaping Association of Platanos). We will descend to the plain of Falassarna, passing by Agios Konstantinos, Agios Efraim, Riza, Agios Fotis, Rapagana port, passing the central beach and finishing at ancient Falassarna. We will return to Agia Paraskevi to rest, to eat something and give the souvenirs to the children. There will also be a raffle to win a bicycle for the children who will take part. We ask the parents of all children to supervise their children and meet them at the end to take them.

We want to spend a beautiful day. At each station we will have a brief update on the history of the place. Our goal is to be established as an institution.

To participate please call:

Manousaki Mary 6938739191
Kastanaki Maria 6973051150
Koufogiannaki Argyro 6944325668